My Videos

Over the years I have done quite a few videos for my sponsors, charities and media organisations.


I've pulled together a selection of the best for you to view below. Just click on the images to see more.

Hope you enjoy!


Sammi wind tunnel film.PNG

Sammi takes to a wind tunnel!!!


Sammi reveals her training schedule for 2019

Sammi sky scholar video one year on.JPG

Sammi explains to Sky Sports how she fell in love with the sport

In early 2018 Sammi made two films along with the Mental Health Foundation for Mental Health Awareness Week. The film premiered at the CCA in Glasgow on Sunday, 13th May, and is a powerful look at how Sammi dealt with her own situation as a teenager, and how she continues to focus on mental health as she competes as an elite athlete and deals with day-to-day life. You can see the full version of the film above.